I decided last year to take a year off from Tucson. This year Iíll be represented by April Melody at the Best Bead show. Youíll find her on the patio at the Keno Sports Complex.
If youíre a wholesale customer and were planning to see me at the bead show, you should order from my web site before the show. My inventory is in top form!
Bead stores should contact me for additional savings.

Stan Roberts

Kino Veteran's Memorial Community Center
2805 E Ajo Way, Tucson, AZ 85713-6217
Show Hours:
Wednesday, Jan 31st:10am to 8pm (open late)
Thursday, Feb 1st:10am to 6pm
Friday, Feb 2nd:10am to 6pm
Saturday, Feb 3rd:10am to 6pm
Sunday, Feb 4th:10am to 5pm

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* as in xylophone, not to be confused with xenophobia.